When can I enter?

Entries are open now but must be received by the closing date of Sept 17th. There will be no late entries at registration or on race day.

What is the entry fee?

The entry fee for 2014 is €45

Parking Arrangements?

On-street parking is available in the town of Clifden. There is also underground parking located in the Supervalu Shopping Centre, as well as a car-park to the rear of the Clifden Station House Complex. Please ensure that your car is securely locked with all valuables removed from view as we are not responsible for any losses that may occur.

Where do I pick up my RACE / BIB number (Race Pack)?

Race numbers and race pack will be available for collection in Kingfisher Fitness Club in NUI Galway from 1pm until 5pm on Friday 19th September and also in Gannon Sports Clifden from 7pm to 10pm. The exact location and times will be confirmed in an email to all runners in the week leading up to the race. You must wear a chip to get an official finishing time. Do not leave without collecting your race number (with the chip imbedded in it) and kit bag. You must use all 4 pins to ensure the race number and timing chip are correctly fastened to your top. Remember, NO CHIP NO TIME

Where on the race (bib) number do I include medical information?

On the back of your race (bib) please put any important medical information and a contact number in case of emergencies.

Where is the start of the race?

The start of the race will be at Gurteen Beach near Roundstone. There is NO PARKING available there; runners must get on the courtesy buses at Clifden in order to be at the starting point. Buses will be leaving Clifden Coach Park (opposite the Station House Hotel on the Galway Rd.) at 9.30am sharp.

Where can I leave baggage?

A baggage area will be provided in Clifden on the morning of the race. Please leave your bag in the assigned area where you can collect it after the race. At the Finish, you will be able to collect your kit bag from the same area, on production of your running number.

What do I wear on race day at the start?

On race day, we suggest you wear old clothes or even a bin liner before reporting to the Start. Yes, a bin liner! With holes cut for the head and arms, it will provide you with neat, disposable, waterproof protection in case of a damp Connemara morning.

What should I wear in the race?

Wear shoes, shorts and a singlet that you have worn before, do not wear new clothes on race day.

Should I wear the race (bib) number on the front or back?

Wear your race (bib) number on the front. Anyone without an official race (bib) number on the front may be removed from the race in the last mile.

What should I do on Race day morning?

Make sure you pin your race number on as directed using the pins provided in the bag that you collect. Don’t fold your race number in any way.Any bags other than the official kit bags left at the baggage area may be taken away by the Gardai (Police).Always listen out to any announcements from the race organiser. Some things may change on the day and this is the only way they can communicate it to you.Try and plan your visits to the toilets carefully. There are toilets in the local Supervalu store in Clifden, and there willl also be portaloos at the race start point in Gurteen.

What race day etiquette should I adhere to?

Wear your race (bib) number on the front. Anyone without an official race (bib) number on the front may be removed from the race in the last mileIf there are a few of you running together be aware of those behind you who might be trying to get past. Don’t line up across the width of the road, try and be in single file as much as possible. This is also true for those who are walking. If you hear someone trying to get past move across as soon as you can and let them go.Don’t suddenly stop in the middle of the race. If you feel you need to tighten your shoelaces, or you’ve a stone in your shoe, move across to the side of the road first and take whatever action is needed. Chaos will result if you suddenly stop without warning!Drinks stations are often the place where most damage can be done. Don’t suddenly veer across in front of another runner to grab a water bottle. Take your turn and remember that often the far end of the station will be empty. Don’t take more than you need and remember there will probably be plenty of people behind you whose requirements may be greater than yours.When you run away from a drink station don’t just drop a water bottle on the road where another runner could trip it on, you will see bins on the roadside please use them.Always take note of instructions given to you by marshals throughout the race. Although you might not always agree with them they are there to help and advise and to look after your safety. Say thanks to them whenever you can. They will be volunteers who have given their time for your benefit.

What is the profile of the route?

A profile can be viewed on the route section of the web site. The course is fairly flat & fast as it begins and end at sea level. The few small hills that are in it, are gentle and not very long.

What is provided at the drink stations?

Pure clear still water in 250ml plastic bottles will be provided at the 3 water stations.

How many drink stations are there?

There will be 3 on course water stations. These are at Mile 4, 7 and 10.

What will the course be marked in?

The route will be marked with mile signs.

Where will the First Aid stations be located?

The first aid stations will be located close to the water stations and also at the finish. Order of Malta Ambulance volunteers will staff the first aid stations. An ambulance will also follow runners around the course.

What happens at the finish line?

When you finish smile as we will be videoing you! Then you will be ‘funelled’ through the finish gantry. You will be presented with your well-earned medal, finishers T-shirt and KINETICA goody bag.As is the case from the start of your day to the end, don’t leave any rubbish lying around the finish area. It’s always a huge job to get the venue back to its pre-race state and it will be a lot easier if runners take everything home with them or place it in the bins provided.

What time will I be given for the race?

The Marconi Half Marathon times every single runner by use of a ‘Chip’. Race results and times will be based on the elapsed time taken by each runner between the Start signal and Finish Line. The web site will also show your chip time, which is the time taken for you from when you crossed the start line to the time you crossed the finish line. Your chip is built-in to your race (Bib) number.

What do I do if I need to drop out?

If you have to drop out during the race for any reason, make your way to a Marshall (located with the water stations) and hand in your race number and chip. If you are injured they will organise for transport to the finish. If you can make your own way there to retrieve your kit bag please do so. Kit bags not collected by 17.30hrs will be taken to our office. Contact us there after Race Day if you can not make it to the finish.

Where can I meet friends and relatives after the race?

There will be a repatriation area at the Main Square in Clifden where runners and supporters will be able to mingle, catch up with each other and discuss the events of the day!Please note: there will be a PA system in operation throughout the day at the Finish, this is only for the official race commentary and emergency announcements, NOT for runners seeking lost friends or family.

When can I get Results?

Provisional results will be online at 5:30pm on Race Day. Everyone who has also given a valid mobile phone number will receive a text with their time.

What is the date of the race for 2014?

The race will be run on 20th September 2014. Start time is 11am.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • DO read very carefully the final instructions, including detailed information on all aspects of Race Day and Start and Finish procedures.
  • DO wear your race (bib) number on the front. Anyone without an official race (bib) number on the front may be removed from the race in the last Kilometre.
  • DO put any important medical information and a contact number in case of emergencies on the back of your race (bib) number.
  • DO please keep all your personal possessions with you at all times prior to and after the race.
  • DO report any unattended bag to any nearby steward or Garda.
  • DO report any suspicious incident to the Garda or a nearby steward.
  • DO go out and enjoy the race!
  • DO tell your friends about us when you get home.
  • DO NOT wear new shoes or clothing on Race Day.
  • DO NOT leave valuables in the kit bag you place in the baggage area unless you have absolutely no choice.
  • DO NOT give your kit bag to anyone other than your friends and relatives or the Baggage staff.
  • DO NOT bring any valuables with you.

N. B. It is recommended that any potential participant not currently involved in physical sporting activity, should undertake a medical examination before taking part in the marathon.

Good luck from everyone at the Marconi Half Marathon 2014.