“The route is one of the most scenic you will come across and exposes runners to the raw beauty of Connemara. Starting at Gurteen Beach near Roundstone, the run takes place along a mostly flat, fast course. The few inclines that you meet are short in duration and relatively manageable.

After leaving Gurteen, the road turns right and snakes along under the shadow of Errisbeg Hill until reaching Roundstone. Passing through the village, runners will have great views of the twin harbours and views across Bertraghboy Bay that have inspired generations of artists and sculptors.

Out the far side of the village and the route follows the Atlantic coastline, with fantastic views of the magnificent Twelve Bens Mountain Range on the horizon.

At Mile 5 then we take a left turn onto the Old Bog Road. This part of the run dissects the majestic Roundstone Bog. The Roundstone bog complex is one of Ireland’s last great wilderness areas and is of international, ecological and historical importance. In 1907 these bogs provided fuel to power a technological revolution when Guglielmo Marconi established his transatlantic telegraph station there, which cut substantially the distance between the Old and the New Worlds.

After Mile 7 we pass the ruins of The Halfway House. Local legend has it that the house is haunted!

From there then, it’s a flat, fast run in to the finishing stretch in Clifden, Co. Galway where the celebrations begin!!